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BWSH will not discriminate in any of its programs and activities against any person on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, weight, disability, political beliefs, gender identity, sexual orientation, and marital or familial status.

Blue Water Safe Horizons Services

  • 24-Hour Crisis Hotline - Blue Water Safe Horizons provides a free and confidential 24-Hour Crisis Hotline to those who are in a crisis and/or may be looking for information, counseling or other supportive services, seeking shelter, or just need someone who will listen.

  • Temporary Emergency Shelter - Carolyn's Place offers time-limited emergency shelter and support services for female survivors of intimate-partner and sexual violence and their dependent children, and women impacted by elder abuse and exploitation. Alternative arrangements are made for male survivors as needed.

  • Advocacy - Trained advocates offer survivors information about the different options available to them and support survivors' decision-making.

  • Information and Referrals - Information and referrals regarding housing, legal assistance, counseling, temporary emergency housing, transportation, and health care is a large part of Blue Water Safe Horizons’ work.

  • Individual and Support Group Counseling - Blue Water Safe Horizons provides individual and support group counseling services for children, teen and adult survivors of intimate-partner and sexual violence, and women impacted by elder abuse and exploitation. We also provide support for significant others. Counseling is provided by licensed and trained counseling staff.

  • Assistance in applying for orders of protection and for crime victim compensation.

  • Hospital, law enforcement, and court accompaniment.

  • Individualized Safety Plans

  • Community Education

  • Volunteer Program

  • All services provided by Blue Water Safe Horizons are free of charge, voluntary, client-centered, non-judgmental, culturally sensitive, inclusive, and strive to empower those we serve.